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SWAP Cyclic Timers

Cyclic Timer- SWAP03C(Suitable for Monoblock, Jet Pumps, Agricultural water pumps and also for Compound, street, signboard lightings)

Air conditioner cyclic timer – SWAP03AC (Suitable for Air conditioner control)

Air conditioner cyclic timer – SWAP03ACF (Has a feature to control Air conditioner and ceiling fan)

Air conditioner cyclic timer – SWAP03ACF-SA (Has a feature to control Air conditioner, ceiling fan and also provision for add ons – smoke detector & alarm unit)


Ideal for use with Air conditioners, Agricultural (cyclic sprinkling of water), dairy farm control equipment, Lighting loads (Common area, compound & sign boards), Water pumps (Single phase & 3 phase), Industrial pumps (oil pumps, cooling pumps etc.) and also in other applications/appliances where the operations/functions are controlled by cyclic time.

  • Simple eight different cycle selections -No settings.
  • Automatic execution of same cycle in case of power interruption.
  • LED display indication for selected cycle
  • Robust and elegant design of this device makes it the perfect choice for any bedroom or hall, seamlessly blending in without feeling out of place, and even fit in 2module 25mm depth box.
  • Universal contact design suitable for both AC and DC devices. Can be used anywhere across the globe and also for multiple
  • Air-conditioner Cyclic timer with all-weather time cycles are available in SWAP03AC/03ACF/03ACF-SA
  • AC and Ceiling fan control option available in SWAP03ACF.
  • Surge voltage protection above 350V AC.
  • Provision for Add Ons-Smoke detector and alarm unit.
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Cyclic Timers/Multipurpose Timer usage with various Motor Starters, common area, street and in signboard lightings. It also used in farm equipment & Air conditioners.


Description Value
Rated Voltage 250V AC 50Hz / 30V DC
Maximum Operating Current (16AX/2HP/3kW)@AC / 20A@DC
Mounting Method Flush/Surface
Suitable Box 2 module Box/1 Gang(25mm depth)
Conforms to standard IS/IEC 60669-2
Color White
Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight 135grams
Product Dimensions 87 x 87 x 38 mm
Product Price(MRP) ₹1895(SWAP03C/AC), ₹2095(SWAP03ACF),
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  • Selling price –₹1595(SWAP03C/AC), ₹1795(SWAP03ACF)
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