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EVIQ believes that design & development of the right product requires research, better design, extraordinary analysis and proper implementation. We are capable of helping our customers design, develop, test and manufacture high-quality products with improved performance criteria.

EVIQ offers the full spectrum of Engineering Design solutions from concept to completion. We provide specialist services like

  • New Product development
  • Design improvement
  • Value Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Modeling & Drafting
  • Benchmarking
  • Mathematical Model
  • Industrial design
  • Prototype Development
  • Tolerance Stack Up
  • Product Costing
  • Simulation & Analysis

New Product Development

New Product Development

EVIQ provides expeditious, unique, cost effective design & development of our client’s new product requirements through careful integration of all required services. We transform Customers Idea to reality with our innovative approach. Our agendum covers all bases of new product development and our methodology starts from the voice of customer and ends with a customer satisfaction.

Design Improvement

For a product to go well in the market the performance, aesthetic & Life should be best in competition. We support our customers for enhancing their existing product performance. We also provide one stop solutions for the problems in their product design. Quality and Value is ensured while making any design change.

Design Improvement
Value Engineering

Value Engineering

EVIQ aims to provide best in class solution for customers  through a strategic Value Analysis and Value Engineering process by

* Reducing product cost as well as improving overall quality across the  lifecycle

*  Material optimization & selection

*  Part Standardization & Part count reduction

*  Process Optimization

*  Increasing functionality and scope of product usage

Our team provides customers with optimized design concepts resulting in better costs and increased efficiency.



Reverse Engineering

EVIQ support the customers for generating design variants  through digitization which is rich in quality and accuracy.

The advantages of converting a complex physical shapes into digital models are

  • Create CAD models to design and develop tooling for manufacturing processes.
  • Easily make design changes in part, tool or mold• Interchange CAD files with other CAD systems, designers & manufacturers
Reverse Engineering
3D Modelling & Drafting

3D Modelling & Drafting

EVIQ delivers high quality 3D modelling services for industries that require effective3D designs allowing detailed exploded views, assemblies and greatly enhanced presentations. We have expertise in

– Parametric 3D solid ,Sheet metal Modelling & Top down assembly

– Digital 2D to 3D conversion

– 3D to 3D Platform Migration

– Detailed drawing with GD&T for manufacturing

– Bill of Materials generation

– Process assembly sequence drawings

– Sheet metal blank development


Insights derived from bench-marking can provide data on where your gaps are and what you need to do to improve and how to measure up against the peers in key performance metrics.

EVIQ benchmark gives insights of

– Understanding the top trends in the industry

– Comparing performance

– Identify gaps in current performance

– Create strategic objectives

– Establishing People, Process, and Technology capabilities

– Understand strengths & Exploiting opportunities

Mathematical Model

Mathematical Model

Modelling and simulation have emerged as key industrial technologies in support of improved product design & Development.

EVIQ facilitate the design process by linking the CAD models with the mathematical spreadsheet which can further used to modify and visualize the result.

Industrial design

Industrial design is  a  state of art whereby the aesthetics and usability of  the mass produced products  may be improved for marketability and production.

EVIQ creates and execute design solutions towards problems of form, usability, user ergonomics, engineering, marketing, development and sales. We focus on interactive systems, products and related services that change, intensify or make life more comfortable. ID encompass innovation, creativity, technology, user needs, aesthetics, societal and business interests.

Industrial design
Prototype Development

Prototype Development

Prototype is an early approximation of a final product which is built, tested, reworked as necessary until an acceptable and satisfactory product. Prototype testing is an integral part of any product development process. EVIQ transforms the product design into reality quickly and at reasonable cost using our established partner resources.

EVIQ follows systematic approach on developing prototype and provide relevant deliverables at each phase to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tolerance Stack Up

Tolerance stack-up analysis represent the cumulative effect of part tolerance with respect to an   assembly requirement.It provides information about the available gap or performance limits in order to check whether the design will work properly.

We analyze the parts and assembly sensitivity for any function of a product, to optimize the design with required tolerance. The Analysis gives the critical tolerances with the worst case values.

EVIQ can perform sensitivity analysis to figure out the most critical dimension and the associated tolerance and its percentage of contribution. From the statistical report of sensitivity analysis the criticality can be ranked and resolved one by one to achieve the target.

Tolerance Stack Up
Product Costing

Product Costing

Product Costing is a way of identifying cost components that can be addressed specifically in order to take cost out of the product by purchasing, redesign, re-engineering, retooling, packaging, and other interventions by management at whatever stage.

EVIQ expertise in summing up all the direct and indirect costs throughout the process flow and gives an insight on business plan.

Simulation and Analysis Capabilities

Simulation and Analysis Capabilities